本特輯為你精選各類型飯廳傢具,助你打造功能及美學兼具的用餐區,讓環境氣氛成為用餐體驗的一部分。Thanks to Hong Kong’s continued efforts to contain the spread of COVID, dining out can be a challenge right now. As such, more and more people are spending an increasing amount of time at home, and are eager to overhaul their dining rooms as a result. However, it’s also important to plan for the future when redecorating your apartment. That’s why Today’s Living is pleased to introduce you to this season’s hottest new dining room trends, from extendable tables to tantalising flatware.


群雀身上的色彩充滿異國情調,並棲息於精緻的蕨葉花卉之中,配合柔和光澤的背景,這Hedgerow 牆紙系列透過五種不同色彩,重新演繹叢林意境,別出心裁。售價:HKD980/ 卷(ALTFIELD INTERIORS)|| The Hedgerow wallpaper from 1838 WALLCOVERINGS features delicate fern fronds and blooms that create a habitat for an array of birdlife and showcases splashes of exotic colours against a soft sheen background. Available in five colourways. Price: HKD99/roll (ALTFIELD INTERIORS)


Jasmine & Serin Symphony 牆紙系列透過當代手法,昇華美術工藝風格(Artsand Crafts-style)的作品,它展示綠草散亂地延伸,又不失平靜的感覺。描繪優雅雀鳥站立在茉莉花蔓藤上的靜態美感。各動植物聚首一堂,在弧度間形成微妙的深淺對比。售價:HKD1,090/ 卷(ALTFIELD INTERIORS)|| Available from COLE & SON, Jasmine & Serin Symphony wallpaper is a contemporary update of a graceful Arts and Crafts-style print and is at once sprawling and serene. Depicting ethereal birds perched among trailing jasmine vines, its flora and fauna create a subtle ombré as the design fans in gentle arcs across the wall. Price: HKD1,090/roll (ALTFIELD INTERIORS)


來自Encore trimming collection的布料由精美的打褶邊框組成,可用於鋪設餐檯。紡織及產品設計師Lori Weitzner 以當代風格重新演繹品牌Weitzner 的首個passementerie 系列產品,延續品牌作風。(ALTFIELD INTERIORS) || The Encore trimming collection from SAMUEL & SONS American textile and product designer Lori Weitzner proudly features a contemporary interpretation of Weitzner’s first passementerie collection, composed of exquisitely sophisticated pleated borders. (ALTFIELD INTERIORS)


Milano 餐檯的線條俐落,賦予空間時尚氛圍。檯子以弧形修邊,柔和細膩,而堅實的中央底座,營造出大膽現代的外觀,讓這款餐桌成為引人注目的焦點。售價:HKD28,290 (BoConcept) || Undeniably beautiful with its clean lines and streamlined appearance, the rectangular Milano dining table adds a sense of style to any dining room. The curved edges of the tabletop slightly soften the sharp expression that otherwise defines this modern table. At the same time, the solid pedestal base creates a bold and modern look that will make this table centre of attention. Price: HKD28,290 (BoConcept)


Kingston 餐檯糅合時尚與實用性,演繹出丹麥設計的精髓。流線造型散發出柔和氣息,配以略帶錐形的傾斜底部,感覺輕盈,是北歐設計的典範。售價:HKD10,690 (BoConcept) || Beauty and functionality come together in the stylish Kingston table. The organic shape radiates softness while the slightly tapered and inclined legs ensure a light, Nordic expression. You can almost feel Kingston call for you to come sit down and enjoy Danish design at its finest. Price:HKD10,690 (BoConcept)


Madrid餐檯的混凝土底座以手工製作而成,它的不規則形狀配合俐 落線條,營造出懸浮效果,結合感官與活力元素。售 價:HKD12,590 (BoConcept) || Clean lines and organic shapes come together in a floating design to make the Madrid table a sensory, vibrant piece for your interior. The handmade concrete base keeps the table grounded and highlights the rich and distinctive look. Price: HKD12,590 (BoConecpt)


Luna碗的設計靈感源自月亮的圓缺,它不規則的造型為用餐區注入現代美感。售價:HKD999 (BoConcept) || Luna’s Made of Iron was inspired by the variability of the moon and features organic shapes that make it a beautiful, contemporary addition to your home decor. Price: HKD999 (BoConcept)


Skorpio CrystalArt 檯面闊約12mm,表面清晰且帶有弧度,輔以藝術裝飾性印刷,設計簡約而不失高貴感。桌子的底座是漆鋼,交替的線條呈現型格格調。售價:HKD49,800 (Decor Collection) || The base of the Skorpio CrystalArt can be bought in titanium, bronze, graphite, white or black embossed lacquered steel, brushed bronze or brushed grey lacquered steel. The 12mm thick tabletop features clear bevelled glass with artistic decorative printing. Price: HKD 49,800 (Decor Collection)


來自KOINOR 品牌的SMILE 系列梳化於德國製造,它的三腳架充滿復古氣息,與座椅的清晰線條完美融合,簡約布料配合密封式椅背,使坐姿倍感舒適,以纖薄設計帶來最佳舒適感,適合香港的家居面積。售價:HKD36,880 (Decor Collection) || Add refinement to your dining room with the SMILE dining sofa, which features straight edges and delicate feet. The touch of vintage provided by the filigree tripod runner harmonises perfectly with SMILE’s clear lines, while casual upholstery and a closed backrest make sitting a pleasure. Slender and slim, this sofa offers maximum comfort, making it a great fit for Hong Kong homes. Price: HKD36,880 (Decor Collection)


Tyron Wood 餐檯以卡納萊托核桃實木(Canaletto walnut)及燒橡木(Burned Oak)製成,它的表面別樹一幟,擁有船型外觀,加上斜切及圓形的對角,可配鈦、青銅、石墨或黑色浮雕漆鋼底座,令空間添上自然點綴。售價:由HKD61,800 起 (Decor Collection) || Elegant yet understated, the base of the Tyron Wood table is available in titanium, bronze, graphite or black embossed lacquered steel, brushed bronze or brushed grey. The Masterwood version is boat-shaped and is made from Canaletto walnut or burned oak diagonal planks of different sizes. Price: from HKD61,800 (Decor Collection)


Montenegro Dining Table 2 表面的光滑設計,與美國的Elwood 飾面完美結合,是現代家居的最佳點綴。售價:HKD16,500 (DSL Furniture) || The Montenegro Dining Table 2 is a beautifullycrafted piece that will create a focal point in any dining room. The sleek design of the legs combined with the American Elwood finished tabletop forms the perfect addition to the contemporary home. Price: HKD16,500 (DSL Furniture)


Montenegro Dining Chair 10 餐椅可選皮革及布料飾面,它的弧度線條,配以俐落支撐,糅合渾圓及剛直元素。售價:HKD3,000 (DSL Furniture) || The Montenegro dining chair 10 is a contemporary comfortable seat with a curved backrest that offers additional support. This chair beautifully compliments the dining tables from the same collection. Available in leather or fabric. Price: HKD3,000 (DSL Furniture)


Lamberi 餐椅擁有細膩的弧度線條,帶出舒適感覺。座椅表面是cushion坐墊, 配以黑色金屬椅腳, 舒適而不失時尚感。售價:HKD5,000 (DSL Furniture) || Taking comfort to the next level, the stylish new Lamberi dining chair features unique curves that provide diners with maximum support while seated around the table. The chair comes with a cushion-upholstered seat and backrest with black metal legs. Each chair is made to order and can be finished in your preferred colour. Price: HKD5,000 (DSL Furniture)


Drop Leaf 餐檯採用多用途設計,易於融入不同環境,設計二人組Hvidt & Mølgaard 於1956 年創建這款美觀的休閒檯,作為Drop Leaf 系列的其中一員,它秉承木製流線支架及易於收摺的設計,並可選實心胡桃木或橡木飾面。售價:由HKD59,350 起 (Establo Lifestyle Store) || Looking to create a versatile piece that would adapt to its surroundings, design duo Hvidt & Mølgaard devised this handsome lounge table in 1956. Part of the Drop Leaf series, it boasts the same curved wooden frames and easily foldable design as the rest of the range. Available in solid walnut or oak. Price: from HKD59,350 (Establo Lifestyle Store)


DAMON u’Select 鹽及胡椒研磨器配備取得專利的u’Select 研磨調校系統,提供不同粗幼度的研磨選擇,不論幼至粉末,以至小粒,甚或粗粒,均可輕易做到。晶瑩剔透的壓克力瓶身,全面呈現香料的色澤;再襯上簡約流麗的弧線和光滑質感,令胡椒或海鹽那天然淳樸的質感流露無遺,點綴一桌盛宴。售價:HKD690(16cm) / HKD740(21cm)( 集雅廊) || Available in 16cm or 21 cm, the DAMAN u’Select Salt & Pepper Mills perfectly combine practicality and beauty, all wrapped up in the modernity of Peugeot expertise. With each mill, the centre shaft has been removed and the reservoir stopper is magnetized, providing a large reservoir that is easy to refill. Equipped with the patented u’ Select system, the grinder setting can be easily adjusted to any point between powdery-fine and very coarse. Price: HKD690 for the 16cm mill; HKD740 for the 21cm mill (Exclusivités)


1972 年面世的NARUMI Milano 經典骨瓷系列一直深受不同年代的顧客歡迎,這款咖啡杯連底碟套裝以日本梅花圖案為設計主題,深淺不一的寶藍色梅花配上金黃色的波浪邊,彰顯菊花盛放時的美態。售價:HKD1,430 ( 集雅廊) || The Couple Tea Set from Naurumi’s Milano Bone China Collection is just as elegant today as it was when it first designed in 1972. And over the last 40 years, this has emerged as one of the brand’s most popular patterns. The beautiful Japanese plum blossom design in calm shades of navy blue harmonise perfectly with the shape of the plate, which resembles the wavy golden edge of chrysanthemums. Price: HKD1,430 (Exclusivités)

精緻High Tea

這款甜點架來自意大利品牌Greggio,它以簡約線條配搭經典意大利設計的《意大利鍍銀系列》,線條優雅而俐落,兼具經典與現代之長。無論是在外歡聚抑或家中自用,為日常生活增添一份優雅生活品味。售價:HKD5,250 ( 集雅廊) || This two-tier silverplated pastry stand emanates both classic and contemporary charm thanks to its simple lines and quintessential Italian design. Perfect for parties or a quiet afternoon at home, it adds a sense of elegance to everyday life. Price: HKD5,250 (Exclusivités)


NORDEN 白色摺板檯的設計多年屹立不倒,全因有效節省空間。摺板檯散發簡約的北歐風格,還設有抽屜,方便擺放餐具和餐巾。售價:HKD1,250(IKEA) || Gateleg tables have been around for centuries, and given their space-saving design it’s no wonder why they’re so popular in Hong Kong. IKEA have given the NORDEN gateleg table a straightforward, Scandinavian look and added a few drawers for cutlery and napkins, making it a practical and stylish addition to your home. The table can seat two to four people, depending on your needs. Price: HKD1,250 (IKEA)


SOLGLIMTAR 12 件套裝餐具由長石瓷器製成,令餐碟堅固耐用,豐富色調讓你享受清新盛宴。售價:HKD329.9(IKEA) || Featuring a delicate profile and dainty pattern, IKEA’s SOLGLIMTAR 12-piece tableware collection is made of feldspar porcelain, which makes each plate or bowl durable and attractive. Price: HKD329.9 (IKEA)


EKEDALEN 系列餐椅的座位上設軟墊,配合弧度椅背,讓你舒服地長時間坐在餐桌旁;椅套可以拆卸,你可輕鬆更換且可用洗衣機清洗,不妨選購多款椅套,換上不同顏色展現不同居家風格。售價:HKD3,395 (IKEA) || A durable dining table that makes it easy to have big dinners, the EKEDALEN series from IKEA can be easily extended by a single person, making this perfect for entertaining. There’s plenty of room for chairs too, since the legs are always located at the corners of the table. Price: HKD3,395 (IKEA)


VALARIE MARBLE 餐檯採用灰色雲石設計,配以下方的拉絲金屬不銹鋼底座,時尚而優雅,它可以容納6 位客人聚餐。售價:HKD29,990 (Indigo Living) || Elegant yet contemporary, the Valarie marble dining table features a grey marble top and a brushed-gold finished stainless steel base. Sleek and sophisticated, this modern table seats 6 guests. Price: HKD29,990 (Indigo Living)


這款綠色東菱石托盤(Green Aventurine Stone Tray)以閃閃發光的綠色作主調,配以纖幼的古銅手抽,美觀而沉實大方,是茶几及餐檯上的視覺焦點。您可將它放置到餐檯的末端,綴以花卉,保護檯面之餘,亦可增加高雅感覺。售價:HKD4,290 (Indigo Living) || The Green Aventurine Stone Tray highlights the glittering and striking green tones of quartz, making it elegant and inviting. Paired with slim brass handles, this generously heavy stone tray will make a real centrepiece on your coffee table or dining table. For a designer look, place at the end of a console table so you can display fresh flowers. Price: HKD4,290 (Indigo Living)


來自品牌Notre Monde 的Raspberry Abstract托盤呈現自由奔放的設計效果,靈感汲取自抽象畫作,以迷幻及富感染力的色彩,打造這結合飽和色調、細致紋理及奢華細節的托盤。大膽且敢於混搭,營造出一種獨特的波希米亞風情。售價:HKD1,290 (Indigo Living) || Inspired by abstract paintings, the Notre Monde Raspberry Abstract Tray is a free-spirited vision that is united by a dazzling and expressive colour palette. The outcome is a union of unexpected splashes of saturated hues, surprising textures and luxurious details. Be bold and dare to mix and match, creating a one-of-a-kind sense of bohemian luxury. Price: HKD1,290 (Indigo Living)


SEMI 系列餐具的鏡面拋光,配以水滴型設計的金色手柄,兩個色調細節將現代設計的精髓直接帶到您的餐檯。售價:HKD80-110 (OVO) || Impress your dinner guest with the SEMI tableware set from OVO. Featuring polished heads and golden handles, brought together through an elegant droplet design, the two-tone palette delivers a sense of modernity direct to your table. Price: HKD80- 110 (OVO)


每一個節日都值得碰杯。這水晶杯專為珍貴的威士忌而設,把酒香醇化再提昇。售價:HKD1,880 (OVO) || OVO invites you to say cheers to every occasion with this sophisticated BAR whiskey decanter set. The decanter comes with two solid glasses, which are designed to enhance the aroma of your finest single malts. Price: HKD1,880 (OVO)


一排並列的蝴蝶榫由中心向下延伸,每個榫位都由傳統人手製成,考驗著匠人的耐性及技巧。線條雖然簡約,配以手工製的鑄腳,與實木互相輝映,締造不一樣的和諧美感。售價:HKD10,800/12,500 (OVO) || Featuring a line of contrasting butterfly joints running down the centre, the Nexa dining table embodies a distressed vibe. In time-honoured tradition, each traditional design detail is fitted by hand with a razor-sharp chisel. The tapered castiron legs are created by sand casting, using recycled materials. Meanwhile, the surface texture is sculpted by hand creating an organic feel that marries beautifully with the solid wood. Price: HKD10,800 (OVO)


JUNO 升降開合餐檯的E1 板材符合歐盟標準,甲醛含量相對較低,減低對健康的影響。至於升降方面,它採用油壓式設計,讓你更方便隨時作餐檯、茶几以至書檯用途,其圓滑邊角亦可以保護孩子安全。售價:HKD3,199 / 優惠期至 16/2/2021 : HKD2,499( 實惠) || Edgy yet understated, this unique table uses a hydraulic lifting method, making it is easy to raise and lower the sides, so you can use it as a dining table, coffee table or even a book table any time you want. You can also choose from nine different shades of countertop. Price: originally HKD3,199; on sale for HKD2,499 before 16 February 2021 (Pricerite)


BORD 吧檯椅套裝包括一檯兩椅,它的設計簡約,配合超薄身設計,是小巧家庭的慳位之選。售價:HKD699 ( 實惠) || Available from Pricerite, the BORD bar table and chair set features a simple design and is affordable in cost. Its ultra-thin body design makes it the perfect choice if you need to save space. Price: HKD699 (Pricerite)


PIZA 意大利陶瓷玻璃開合長方餐檯分別有43 及39 寸供選擇,它的檯面採用100% 意大利進口陶瓷配上強化玻璃,表面堅硬之餘,還擁有出色的耐磨性和耐刮性,不會殘留任何刮痕,可承受較大溫差。檯面兩邊還可分別拉出延長檯面尺寸,方便靈活。售價:HKD4,999 / 優惠期至16/2/2021 : HKD3,399 ( 實惠) || Easy to extend, the PIZA 43″ Ceramic Glass Ext. Table’s countertop is made from 100% imported Italian ceramics and tempered glass. As such, the surface is hard, durable and scratch resistant. At the same time, it also offers excellent chemical properties, can withstand significant temperature differences, from high to low. Both sides of the table can be pulled out. Price: originally HKD4,999; on sale for HKD3,399 before 16 February 2021 (Pricerite)


South Beach 餐檯及San Francisco 餐椅的外觀輕巧而不失高貴格調,South Beach的檯面是大理石鋼化玻璃,配以粉末塗層鋼底座。San Francisco 的支架則飾以粉末塗層,座位以絲絨製成,觸感舒適。售價:HKD13,980 / 2,980 (Tequila Kola) || Add a hint of extravagance to your home with the SOUTH BEACH Dining Table, which is equipped with a laminated tempered-glass marble optic tabletop and powder-coated steel legs. This table is perfectly paired with the SAN FRANCISCO Velvet dining chairs, which also feature powder-coated steel legs. Price: HKD13,980 table; HKD2,980 chairs (Tequila Kola)


VINOTECA 酒櫃隱藏了吧檯,用家可以拉低檯面,安坐在CHEERIO 金色吧椅上,與友人輕酌,同時亦可將它收起節省空間。黑色電單車的底座以漆鋼製成,配以實木桌面,在派對中彰顯動感況味。售價:HKD18,980/4,980/19,980 (Tequila Kola) || Cool and contemporary with an air of kitsch, the VINOTECA bar cabinet with pull-down table is made from solid wood and powder-coated steel. Meanwhile, the CHEERIO Tan Gold bar chairs are framed with lacquered black steel, as is the MOTORBIKE Black Console. Price: HKD18,980 bar table; HKD4,980 chairs; HKD19,980 MOTORBIKE console. (Tequila Kola)


這款飲品服務車 Serving Trolley 以黃銅製成,帶有輪子可以隨處移動,它的玻璃檯面帶有大理石效果,在派對中大派用場。看慣一式一樣的吊燈 ? 不妨在家中添置貓頭鷹及鸚鵡燈飾,精致可人。售價:HKD8,698/42,980 (Tequila Kola) || A serving trolley with wheels, LOFT is furnished with brass and powder-coated steel. The top has been covered with marbleeffect glass, adding a sense of elegance. Meanwhile, the lamp suspended above features an owl and a parrot flying through the sky. Each bird is coated with goldfinish polyresin. Price: HKD8,698 trolley; HKD42,980 lamp. (Tequila Kola)


Snap 椅子在意大利生產,結合聚丙烯座椅表面,以及鋼管作支撐,風格簡約,系列備有附帶扶手、矮椅的款式供選擇,彎曲的背靠依據坐姿而設計,兼具美觀及實用性。座椅和靠背以一對臂子連接起來,方便移動,既靈活又輕巧。 (TM Maison) || Snap is a project consisting of a combination of polypropylene and steel pipes that create a seat, with and without armrests, and a stool that together represent the essence of sitting in its exemplary simplicity and functionality. The seat has an atypical shell, made of a plastic seat and backrest joined together by two ogival section arms that allow movement, making this piece both structurally and aesthetically flexible and light. (TM Maison)


丹麥品牌UMAGE 的Eos 系列燈飾,採用北歐風景的大地色系作主調,使其散發大氣清新的韻味,令人著迷,它們外觀飾以天然鵝毛,獨特燈罩造型賦予一室柔和氣氛,並增加精緻的色彩,觸感優雅。Eos 燈飾可以化身成地燈、吊燈及座檯燈,是一款靈活產品。(TM Maison) || Eos draws its force and mesmerising beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. Made from all-natural goose feathers, these unique lampshades give off a soft, warm light and add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior design scheme. The piece can be used as a floor, table or ceiling light. (TM Maison)


Myra 軟體座椅系列承傳et al. 的一貫作風,為用家帶來舒適感覺。人們愈來愈注重以設計營造氣氛,而別具當代美感的Myra 椅子版型正合心意,它可將優雅感覺注入任何環境。設計師Emilio Nanni 表示,曲線常令人聯想起舒適的包圍、休息與保護。因此流線型設計都成為了Myra 的一大設計特點。 (TM Maison) || Designed by Emilio Nanni, the Myra chair collection features a trendy contemporary volumes layout and adds a certain reassuring elegance to any environment. The Curve is the subliminal shape that makes you consider the comfort that the ancestral idea of trust, protection, and rest represents. The contrast stitching and many possible combinations of colours and materials give the product a strong identity. (TM Maison)


受鯊魚的外觀與活動形態所啟發,設計師Jaime Hayon 創建出這個Aleta 系列椅子, 精致的底部支撐往上延伸後,以弧度修邊,並與背靠連成一致, 體現Jaime Hayon 的獨特個性。(TM Maison) || Inspired by the physiognomy and movement of sharks, Jaime Hayon has created the Aleta collection for Viccarbe. The collection was designed for use in public spaces like restaurants, hotels or offices as well as residential spaces. Composed of a chair and stool, the subtle details in the structure of the legs and the continuous movement towards its backrest, reflects the personality and character of the designer. (TM Maison)


來自西班牙品牌Viccarbe 的LastMinute 系列椅子,帶有漆鋼框架和不銹鋼凳腳,其結構設計可說是當代經典。(TM Maison) || Simple and modern, Last Minute is a roto-moulded polyethylene seat with lacquered steel frame and stainless steel footrest. Its structural design has become a contemporary classic. (TM Maison)


Haworth Dining Chair 來自馬來西亞,以灰色實心橡膠木框,配合灰色織物,帶出簡約而統一的設計。售價:HKD1,280 (Unica Interior) || Featuring a neutral yet tactile palette, the Haworth Dining Chair has been crafted from a solid grey rubber wooden frame and it upholstered with grey fabric. Price: HKD1,280 (Unica Interior)


這款Denmark Dining Chair 於馬來西亞製造,以纖細俐落的線條,減輕木製的笨重感,配以灰色面料,營造舒適感覺。售價:HKD1,380 (Unica Interior) || Also made in Malaysia, the Denmark dining chair features a walnut colour with grey fabric upholstery, which means it works perfectly in a wide range of interior design schemes. Price: HKD1,380 (Unica Interior)


Butterfly Extension Table 手工精細,它選用了黑色配灰色檯面,盡顯時尚風格。伸縮設計可以由140cm 變成170cm,方便四人用餐,除了檯腳向外,方便坐的時間不會「頂腳」,它更配以金屬設計以提昇格調。售價: HKD4,880 (Unica Interior) || Made in Malaysia, this butterfly extension table features a black wooden veneer, a dark grey extension and a solid black wooden frame. It embodies the principles of understated design. Price: HKD4,880 (Unica Interior)


木製圓腳伸縮餐檯附有可伸縮摺疊的桌板,單側打開即可將餐檯延長40 厘米,可按用途需要及使用人數靈活調整餐檯尺寸,增加桌面空間。售價:HKD5,780-9,500 (Muji) || Designed with round feet, this dining table is retractable and foldable, and can be extended to 40 cm long when one side is open. Flexible and adaptable, the size of the dining table can be adjusted according to your needs, and can even double as a desk. Price: HKD5,780-9,500 (Muji)


以江戶時代商人在船上使用的餐具作原型,這款波佐見燒陶磁餐具細心考量飯碗的高度及重量等細節,令手握時更感舒適。它可用於微波爐及洗碗機,不可使用於焗爐。售價:HKD25-75 (Muji) || This set of tableware is made of Hasamiyaki Ceramics. The design refers to the tableware used by merchants in the Edo period and carefully considers the height and weight of the rice bowl, making it more comfortable to hold. It can be used in microwaves and dishwashers, but not in ovens. Price: HKD25-75 (Muji)


萬古燒陶磁餐具能均勻傳熱,且保溫性良好,尤適合於秋冬兩季用作盛載料理。不可用於焗爐、微波爐及洗碗機。售價:HKD35-150 (Muji) || This MANKOYAKI pottery tableware is excellent for retaining and transferring heat evenly, making it especially suitable if you are serving dinner in autumn and winter. The neutral palette adds an almost earthy vibe, transporting your back to more humble times. Not for use in ovens, microwaves or dishwashers. Price: HKD35-150 (Muji)